Al Aminour Rashid

Not talking too much, busy with my tech stuff.
Born in  1979 in Dhaka Bangladesh. But until age 6 lived different place as father job rotation. Most of time life was in Dhaka until moved to Houston, Texas 2008.

I am the youngest one  among with 1 brother and one sister & lost my father some years ago.

Was in 2 school 1 collage and 1 university in my life and still like to learning.Also like to learn philosophy, programming tricks, language and thinking.

Finally, I am excited when I've got married 2012 with Masnun Nahar. She didn't like new technology. That is kind of opposites of my behavior and still need to learn from her.
For living, sometime doing own business , own job or others job. Still working hard.


...... Thanks.
Al Rashid